1 compact wellhead pmumThe Modular Wellhead™ System (MW-I) is a multi-stage system that caters for different casing programs and working pressure. With option of being two or three stages, MW-I comes in nominal sizes ranging from 10" to 18-3/4" and working pressure from 3,000 psi to 15,000 psi.

The Modular Wellhead™ System is easy to operate, safe and efficient. It is designed to conform to API6A and can be used both onshore and offshore, even under severe operating condition.

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1 compact wellhead pmum

The Multipartite Modular Wellhead™ System (MMW-I) is designed for double or triple wellhead configuration, which can be used in the process of drilling, completion and production. MMW-I system can save up to 20% in cost of an individual well. On top of this, the system can reduce the size of the platform and increase the efficiency of producing oil.


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