TIW Corporation manufactures and markets worldwide downhole tools for the oil and gas industries. TIW has some manufacturing plants in Houston, Texas, Lafayette, Louisiana, and Nisku, Alberta, Canada. Its major products are completion tools such as Liner Hangers, Liner Packers, Setting Collars and Ball-type, Kelly Valves and Safety Valves.


1 hydro hanger

The TIW Tandem Cone is a proven performer in hanging long, heavy liners, deviation hole and ultra-deep wells.

Integral barrel design is meant to minimize leaks for maximum pressure and torque performance.

The powerful steel spring prevents premature setting even when run through dog legs and debris. Since the Hydro-Hanger is pressure-activated, it requires no rotation to be set.

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2 mechanicalset line hanger

TIW Mechanical-Set Liner Hangers are used to suspend cemented and un-cemented liners off bottom. Designed for heavy-duty service, they are capable of successfully suspending very long and heavy liners.
When running a liner inside a liner, or where clearance between strings is very close, the Liner Hanger with enclosed J-slots affords several important advantages. This feature limits the travel of the slips while providing for maximum bypass.

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3 kelly safety valves

The Ball-Type Valve provides a quick, sure shut off in the drill string that can repay the cost of the valve quickly in mud savings and kick protection. The valve is designed to hold pressure in either direction. Also, can be used as either an upper or lower Kelly cock.

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4 hlx liner top packer


HLX Liner – Top Packer is designed to provide a dependable high-pressure seal at the liner top while maintaining high circulating rates.

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5 line hanger

TSP RRP Hangers are the newest rotating liners from TIW and available in hydraulic or mechanical models. Special channels milled in two slip cones to provide maximum fluid bypass for easier running and lower circulating pressure.

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torque machineFor torquing service , a Bowen hydraulic torque machine is available at our Jakarta warehouse, with the following advantages:

  1. Preset API torque values for each size and connection
  2. Able to spin for faster make-up or break-out
  3. Applicable to all API Drill Pipe and Casing sizes

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