Super unique, the manufacturer of Powerram, began in 1994, in Taiwan. The core value
of Super unique is innovation, service quality and product quality in all starting and what is staying as the same for them still. Super unique discover the needs of safety, easy need for a built-in type Hydraulic Puller that remove gears, pulleys and bearings in most efficient way in 1994. Until now, Super unique’s New puller design enrich the name of self-centering, ease-of-use, safety and unique Benefits on Manual and Hydraulic Easy Puller lines.


 alumunium hand pump

Features :

  • Our hand pumps are always featured with their rugged construction and low handle efforts
  • Aluminum alloy construction and hand size release knob with anti losing mechanism are truly suitable to industrial requirements and your daily works
  • Special design with aluminum alloy construction as much light weight is ideally for easy portability and maneuvering
  • Double action design on AHP7030D is ideal for using with double acting cylinders, no extra controlling valve and adapters needed
  • 40,00 psi model brings you the special ultra high pressure application but with light weight


electric pump 

Features :


lock nut cylinder

Features :

  • Extremely low height for use in confined areas
  • Single acting, load return
  • Lock nut for positive and safe load holding over a long period time
  • Chrome plated for preventing corrosion, rusted and lower friction for smoother operation
  • Withstands sideload forces up to 3% of rated cylinder capacity without scoring
  • Overflow port functions as a stroke limiter
  • High flow coupler and dust cap included on all models


hydraulic pullers


Features :

  • Four stages of foldable & removable handle saves the handle force during operation
  • 3600 rotary socket
  • Self – contained hydraulic pump and puller body with intergral safety valve
  • Heat treated & chrome plated hydraulic cyclinder rod provides linear forces
  • Extention rods allow the user to extend the stroke according to the needs
  • 2/3 jaws combination puler cross head with manganous-phosphate plated for rust proof and long life service
  • Patented design of two stages stroking for PM2000 & PM3000, the first stage being as fast stroking for quickly connecting with object, and the second stage being as high hydraulic output for putting job


universal bearing attachments cross bearing pullers

Features :

  • Forged of high stregh steel alloy
  • Heat treated Chrome plated for rust proof and durable life
  • Wedge – shaped edges allow removal of the most hard – to – grip components
  • Easy adopt to cross bearing pullers for fast and efficient removal of the most difficult parts

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