PT Petrolog Multi Usaha Mandiri (Petrolog MUM) is a leading trading company for industrial goods in Indonesia. It has many highly-trained engineers capable of providing solutions to customers' technical problems.

As a supplier to the oil and gas companies as well as to the general industries, we are the sole agents/authorized distributors of :  

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TIW Corporation manufactures and markets worldwide downhole tools for the oil and gas industries. TIW has manufacturing plants in Houston-Texas, Lafayette-Louisiana and Nisku-Alberta, Canada. Its major products are completion tools such as Liner Hangers, Liner Packers, Setting Collars and Ball-type, Kelly Valves and Safety Valves.

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Wefic Of Kerui

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Kerui Oilfeld Solutions (Singapore) Pte.Ltd. is a successful joint venture between Shandong Kerui Well control and Oil Wealth Management Holdings to champion the excellence of well control products and services.
WEFIC (We Enhance Flow In Control) range of products include Conventional Wellhead, Compact Wellhead, Christmas Tree, Gate Valves and Control Panel. They will offer customers quality products as well as cost efficiency.

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Alfa Laval


From the day Gustaf de Laval invented the first continous milk separator in 1878. Alfa Laval continues to expand the market with additional and more sophisticated products, and maintains its position as market leaders in the areas of separation, thermal and flow technology. Their products include heat exchangers, separators and sanitary pumps & fittings.

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haskel pmum

Haskel was started by four people in the engineering department of Lockheed Aircraft Corp. working on hydraulic design 70 years ago. In 2012 Haskel was acquired by BC Partners and The Carlyle group, who form Accudyne LLC, of which Haskel becomes part of.
Haskel products include Pneumatic Liquid Pumps, Gas Boosters, Air Pressure Amplifiers, Hydro Swage and High Pressure VFT (Valves, Fittings and Tubings). 

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In 1955, Carl Erik Josef Nyberg (C.E.J.N.) designed and patented a revolutionary quick connect coupling that overcame many of the shortcomings of previous designs. It dramatically simplified handling and provided reliable, efficient connections.
CEJN products include Pneumatics, Breathing Air, Ultra High-Pressure, Thermal Control, Fluid, Hydraulic, Multi & Auto Products and Gas. 

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Super unique, the manufacturer of Powerram, began in 1994, in Taiwan. The core value of Super unique is innovation, service quality and product quality in all starting and what is staying as the same for them still. Super unique discover the needs of safety, easy need for a built-in type Hydraulic Puller that remove gears, pulleys and bearings in most efficient way in 1994. Until now, Super unique’s New puller design enrich the name of self-centering, ease-of-use, safety and unique Benefits on Manual and Hydraulic Easy Puller lines. 

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