Petrolog Group Petrolog Group

the late raharto suwigyo


 The late Mr. Raharto Suwignyo , founder of the company



mp4Mr. Moetaryanto, founder and the President Commisioner of the company and presently being the Executive Vice Chairman the company has been involved in Managing various business ranging from beverage franchise and bottling company, heavy equipment rental for oil industries, freight forwarder, warehousing, to catering services for offshore drilling companies.


budi setiawan


Mr. Budi Setiawan (President Director)





Mr. Arief Andrianto  (Director/CFO)



Don Murniadi 2


Mr. Don Murniadi (Commisioner)





Mrs. Hemamaya P. Raharto (Commisioner)





Mr. Piet Johanes Berel (Commisioner)





Mr. Nursal Rosady Pakki (Commisioner)





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