We are committed to maintaining a safe and healthy workplace, and to protecting the environment. We also continually improve customer satisfaction in order to achieve world-class service. It is done through a safe working attitude and professional service shown in our motto:

" Merit Based On Profesionalism "



petrologmum qhsePT. PETROLOG MULTI USAHA MANDIRI as the sole agent and distributor for a number of industrial equipment for general industry as well as oil and gas industry has a commitment to improve customer satisfaction, minimize risks in order to achieve world-class service, through the following efforts:

  • To comply with laws and regulations and customers' requirements; to practice the quality management system ; health management systems and safety regulations.
  • To develop and implement a quality management program ; program management of health and safety.
  • To seek ways to increase the performance , control and reduction of the environmental impact of health and safety risks
  • To perform continuous improvement and evaluation of policies to ensure that the policy is still relevant and in accordance with the objectives of the organization
  • To conduct hazard identification and risk assessment as well as prevention and mitigation of health and safety .
  • To create and maintain relationships, by means of communicating organizational policies among employees, partners , and customers so as to create conditions for the mutual benefit of all.

Implementation of this policy is the responsibility of each employee, partner and customer in accordance with the duties and responsibilities of each.




PT Petrolog Indah

pmum petrologindah

Established in October 1974, is one of a few specialist that deals with heavy lift handling operations, with its fleet of cranes, trailers and forklifts. It also provides full base mangement and logistic services in the oil industry, with all support services such as labour and maintenance.

Telp: (021) 720 0540

Fax: (021) 726 2302 

e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Website : PT. Petrolog Indah

 PT Schenker Petrolog Utama

pmum dbschenker

Is an international freight forwarder, a leading project freight forwarder in Indonesia representing Schenker International, one of the biggest freight forwarders in Europe. Scenker has an integrated network of over 500 offices situated in 100 countries.

Telp. (021) 788 43 788 | Fax. (021) 788 33 369
Email. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Situs web:


PT Petrolog Harapan Abadi Semesta


PT Petrolog Harapan Abadi Sejahtera (PHAS) is a freight forwarder and a land transportation company operating in the inner island of Batam Indonesia. It provides handling and transport service with its fleet of cranes, trailers, forklifts, from unloading containers or cargo at Batam's port to delivery to warehouse or right at factory's door, and vice versa. The Company also provides warehouse facilities.

Telp. (0778) 411 856/7 | Fax. (0778) 411 855 

PT Petrolog Konstruksi Utama

warehouse pku petrologmumPT. Petrolog Kontruksi Utama introduced Pre-engineered Building System, an innovative product in steel construction. This Metal Building System can be applied for various purposes in a wide range of building structures (warehouse, workshop, factory, hangar, sport centre, function hall). Our wide span technologies can give you greater extent and flexibilities to fulfill your building requirement. Our systems also support our customer need by involving customer to do a collaboration with our design team, to facilitate the customer to do Steel Building Co-Creation.

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